Personal Information
Danilo Toshiaki Sato e-mail: e-mail
Single - 25 years Contact me by e-mail to ask my phone info.
São Paulo - SP - Brazil
2004 - 2007 University of São Paulo Master of Science in Computer Science
2000 - 2003 University of São Paulo Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
1989 - 1999 Colégio XII de Outubro College and High School
Interests and Research Topics
Professional Accomplishments
Since 03/2006 AgilCoop - Consultant
Agile Consulting

AgilCoop was founded by professors, students, and former students of the University of São Paulo (USP) to foster and spread the values and principles of agile software development in Brazil. He is the instructor for classes on several agile-related subjects and work as coach on several projects in the academia and in the industry.

Main Roles: Instructor and coach.

12/2006 - 05/2007 Ikwa - Agile Coach
Web 2.0 Startup

Ikwa is a web 2.0 startup company developing a website for professional vocation and orientation. As a consultant, he has worked closely with the CTO, helping the recruit process of the new development team, conducting interviews and defining assessment tasks to evaluate the candidates; conducting internal training on agile methods and XP; supporting technical decisions (such as choosing Ruby on Rails as the web framework); and acting as an agile coach during the first months of development, mentoring the team to make sure the practices were being followed and the quality of the code was kept high.

Main Roles: Coach, consultant, developer, and speaker.

03/2006 - 07/2006 Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME/USP) - Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant on the eXtreme Programming (XP) discipline, coaching and helping 5 teams developing different systems during the first semester of 2006.

Main Roles: XP Coach, tracker, programmer (pair programming).

05/2004 - 08/2006 Convergys IMG do Brasil - Systems Analyst
Telecommunications (Billing & BSS)

After a 2 month training in the US (San Francisco, CA), he has customized Convergys' main solution (Infinys) on projects for clients such as AT&T, J2, BellSouth, and WildBlue.

Main Roles: Requirements analysis, detailed design, development environment definition and setup, coding, system, integration and unit tests execution and development, module packaging and deployment, production support, responsible for process improvement efforts.

01/2004 - 05/2004 Zera Integradora de Soluções de Informática - Lead Developer
IT Consulting

As a consultant, he has worked as a Java technical leader acting as a team coordinator and as a developer. He has worked on projects for the intranet of a pharmaceutical industry (Roche) as well as a stand-alone system (in Flash) for asynchronous data exchange between their sales representatives and their call center.

Main Roles: Project schedule definition and tracking, tasks delegation to the team, requirement and scope analysis with the client, experience with all phases of a project's life cycle (requirements, design, architecture, construction, testing, Q&A, deployment and delivery), elaboration of training material for interns and trainees (focused on Java, object-oriented programming concepts and best practices).

09/2004 - 09/2004 FATEC-RO - Professor

Teacher of an advanced Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and Hibernate course in a "Lato Sensu" graduation program of FATEC-RO university.

Main Roles:Professor.

08/2003 - 12/2003 Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME/USP) - XP Coach

XP Coach on the eXtreme Programming (XP) discipline developing a system for the university's library.

Main Roles: XP Coach, programmer, acceptance and unit tests developer, integration and development environment setup.

05/2002 - 12/2003 Touch Tecnologia - Intern
Diagnostic Medicine

Involved in a J2EE project for operational automation of a diagnostic medicine company's laboratory. The main sub-systems that he was involved were: an AOP module for web (Struts and JSP) functional tests automation that "writes" the JUnit testing code while the user navigates the web pages (this module significantly increased the testing phase productivity and effectiveness); definition and construction of an interpreter/compiler for a simplified programming language created to define some internal system rules.

Main Roles: Analysis, design, coding and testing on all layers of the system (persistence layer, business layer and web presentation layer), architecture and development of an AOP testing framework.

12/2000 - 05/2002 Ascent Financial Technologies - Intern
Financial Systems

First contact with financial systems, mainly related to risk management. He was responsible for web application development in a multi-layered architecture (;;

Main Roles: Web designer, web programming (ASP, VB, PHP), SQL, integration with VB and COM+ components.

01/2001 - 12/2002 Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME/USP) - Network Administrator

Network administrator of the "Pró-Aluno" GNU/Linux Network for undergraduate students at Institute of Mathematics and Statistics. Experience working with basic service configurations such as DNS, e-mail, file system, information system and web servers. He has also prepared an introductory Linux course for the first-year students.

Main Roles: Linux network administrator, preparation and instructor of an introductory Linux course.

09/2000 - 12/2001 CyberTraining Treinamento em Informática - Instructor
Computer Training

Instructor of some desktop software courses: Windows, Word, Excel, Internet and WebDesign. Developer and Web designer of website.

Main Roles: Desktop software instructor, web designer.

Publications and Research
Technical Skills
06/2007 WDRA - Brazilian Symposium on Software Quality 2007
Presented a technical paper in the 1st Workshop on Rapid Application Development at Porto de Galinhas, PE, Brazil
06/2007 XP 2007 Conference
Presented a technical paper in the 8th International Conference on Agile Processes in Software Engineering and eXtreme Programming at Como, Italy
04/2007 FISL 2007 Conference
Attended the 8th International Forum of Free Software at Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
04/2007 Certified Scrum Master
Boris Gloger training about the Scrum methodology
07/2006 Agile 2006 Conference
Student volunteer at the Agile conference in Minneapolis, MN
08/2004 Patterns for Persisting Objects in Relational Databases
Joseph Yoder presentation about patterns for persisting objects in relational databases
08/2004 Architectural Patterns for Enabling Application Security
Joseph Yoder presentation about architectural patterns for enabling application security
08/2003 Advanced Course on Object-Oriented Design and Refactoring
Joseph Yoder presentation about design patterns and refactoring techniques
1998-1999 Wizard Idiomas
Advanced English Course