From now on, I will be writing in English. I’ve been planning to do this for a while, but the “New Year” is always a good time for a personal retrospective and some planning for the future (although I think shortening the feedback loop to less than one-year would be beneficial). Besides the usual reasons for writing in another language (training, reaching a wider audience), I think that anyone seriously working with software development should be able to at least read English. I might still publish translated versions of some of my posts, but don’t count too much on that.

Speaking of changes, it’s finally time to annouce the good news:

I’m a ThoughtWorker

Some of you may already know, but since I’ve started interviewing back in 2006, more than one year has passed and many things happened. The one big thing that was holding me back was my Master’s, but since I’ve finished it back in June, things started moving. After a lot of paperwork going back and forth between Brazil and the UK, I’ve finally managed to get my Work Permit and entry clearance approved. My passport couldn’t have arrived in a better time than one week before Christmas. It was the gift I’ve been wishing throughout the year.

I want to say I’m very excited to work for ThoughtWorks! For those of you who were close during all this time, I want to say a big THANK YOU. My family and friends have been very supportive. But now is time to pack my stuff and give a step forwards. I’m starting in the second week of February and am looking forward to report the news. Wish me luck!

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