Besides working and studying, I also have some other hobbies. In this page I will keep some information about these activities as well as any other general content that I might find interesting. Hope you enjoy it :-)


  • I enjoy mostly all kinds of music, but my favorite styles are: Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz, MPB and Classical Music
  • My favorite bands are: Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation and Symphony X
  • My favorite players/composers are: Bill Evans, Tom Jobim, Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and Liszt
  • I play the piano since the age of 4 and I’m a self-learner on guitars, bass and drums
  • I used to play keyboards in a band. Here’s one of our (bad quality) recordings of a Dream Theater cover music:
    • Erotomania (4:30) [MP3]


  • I have always enjoyed watching Magic performances since I was a kid
  • In 2001 I started to take some Magic lessons and attended a Magic course at the Brazilian Academy of Magic Arts
  • In 2002 I have become a professional magician, mostly performing close-up shows on theaters and hotels and stage shows on charity institutions


  • Check my Flickr page to see some more photos.


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