I’m here having a great time in Chicago, at Agile 2009. I will write more about the sessions in later posts, but I wanted to talk about the Coding Dojo we ran at the Open Jam. Organised by my friends from the Dojo@SP (thanks Hugo, Mari, and Thiago!), we tried a projector-less format that went really well. I wrote about the Kake Format a while ago, although the name changed.

It was a lot of fun, and we were lucky to bump into Emmanuel Gaillot around in Chicago, who made it to the session as well. We solved the Kata Bowling in three different stations: one in Ruby, one in Haskell, and one in Java. The code is available on GitHub, and these are some pictures I took during the session:

Coding Dojo @ Agile 2009

Retrospective after the Dojo

If you want to try out a dynamic format, where people have more chance to participate and train different skills, and you don’t have a projector available, I urge you to try out the Kake Format on your Dojo and share your experiences!

New format and rules

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