For those of you who didn’t know, after going to XP 2007 last year and speaking with Emmanuel Gaillot, I decided to start a Coding Dojo in São Paulo, Brazil. We’ve been running weekly sessions since last July and after I moved to London, Mariana, Hugo, Fabricio, and others are making sure that the Dojo continues. It has been very fun and educational to organize and run the Dojo, so we decided to share our experiences with the community. We are proposing a 30 minutes Experience Report to be presented at Agile 2008. I wanted to submit this proposal earlier to allow more time for feedback and reviews, but the bureaucracy of moving to another country and the excitement of working with very talented people has kept me busy. But the deadline for submitting session proposals to Agile 2008 is tomorrow, and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity of attending and sharing our experiences. We would appreciate any feedback to improve our session. The link to the proposal is here. Thanks!


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